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Рисунок5  The new philling system proclaims a new value and introduces a completely new volumizer based on polylactic acid (PLA) - AestheFill.

While the fanfare in honor of the volumizers (Hydroxytite, Radiesse) and the new techniques of philling (volumerization), which arose with their appearance, our minds were engaged in the development of a new drug of this group - AestheFill 200 mg based on polylactic acid (PLA).



Why is AestheFill interesting for the doctor and the patient?


The main substance is polylactic acid (PLA). "So what?" - you say. "The whole point is, if we immerse ourselves in the physiology of the body," we will reply, that with an injury (cut, inflammation, rupture) there is an intensified synthesis of lactic acid, which signals the regeneration system (collagen formation) about the need to work in a mode of increased productivity - to heal " .

Therefore, Aesthefill not only with its introduced volume will wrinkle and fill the voids, but also it will ensure the production of new collagen. And at the moment when the time of disintegration and removal of the drug will come, this place will have its newborn collagen (the evidence is presented in the scientific dossier of the drug AestheFill and in the histological photoreport of the manufacturer). This is impressive for us, and it will appeal to you as a consumer of the main effect ...

The main effect is the stimulation of collagen production, which naturally reduces wrinkles, replenishes and retains, the volume of your skin, which was lost with age.

The duration of the effect is 24 months (this is 2 years! The effect of plastic surgery!)

Saving the resource (temporary, emotional, material) - the procedure will be repeated only after 2 years. 2 years - you are young, once in 2 years you experience discomfort during and immediately after the procedure (tenderness, microhematomas), once in 2 years you have to think about it and pay for it.

Safety - the drug is organic - it completely decomposes, in a short time, to water and sugar and is eliminated from the body. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (KFDA Certificates).

Compatibility with the procedures of filamentary lifting (strands of PDO and strands of PLA), apparatus cosmetology and botulotherapy.

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